Democrats, the Left, and the mainstream media are all working very hard to frame all Republicans and Conservatives as violent and unhinged Nazis. We suppose when their guy in the White House shows about as much life as an empty soda POP can that they need to make the rest of us look even worse but this is getting ri-damn-diculous even for them.

Like this nonsense from Rachel Maddow … oops, sorry. Chris Hayes.

Our bad.

Worst of all, Chris thinks this is clever.

We suppose we should just be happy he used the correct form of ‘Capitol’.

No, you know what? This is just garbage and he knows it.

If they’re already chirping about 22 they’re nervous.

And they should be but not because Republicans are violent and unhinged BUT because the country is already starting to suck wind with their control.

Whoohoo! Social justice and stuff.

Pin THAT one.

That could work.




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