Oh, good. Twitter is looking for people to become even more annoying on their platform.

And the name ‘Birdwatch’ reminds us of that awesome B-movie, ‘BIRDEMIC’. If you have not seen this movie we suggest you hop to it, and then our jokes will make far more sense. Ok, so that’s not necessarily true and our jokes could still be bad, but not as bad as this idea of asking users to basically stalk the tweets of others and offer corrections if they think those tweets include misleading information.

Should we sign up to help?

Yeah, we’re sure they’d love to have us fact-check the lefty blue-check crowd.

Hey, they’re sort of stealing our schtick!

We have it on good authority that birds are robots.

Try and keep up.

Bad. It will go very bad.


Just. Give. Us. An. Edit. Button.

Man, we could really use a few hand emojis in that sentence.


Or, you know, responding in general.

Fact-check TRUE.


Twitter, always finding ways to make their users unhappy.



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