Raise your hand if you really don’t give any effs what Andrew Cuomo thinks about Trump resigning or being impeached?

Wow, that’s a lotta hands in the air.

Not sure why he felt the need to chime in here, maybe he had a break in between putting sick people with COVID into nursing homes.

We call on Governor Cuomo to resign.

If he refuses, we call for impeachment.

Yup, that has about as much pull as his tweet does.

Ewwwww, such a bad visual.


This seems about right.



WTF is going on here?! Video shows Capitol police opening the doors, standing aside, and inviting protesters inside

THIS is gonna be fun! Sen. Manchin ALREADY making Biden a liar for promising another round of stimulus checks if Dems won Senate

Ouch-Town, population YOU, bro! Ben Shapiro’s ‘good news’ for the media about their Capitol/Trump supporter coverage is pretty damn BRUTAL