People from all political persuasions have been sharing their best guess at the 2020 Electoral Map and they have been all over the board, some giving the win to Biden, others giving the win to Trump. And when we make our best most educated guesses, even the most politically intune can and will get it wrong.

But we’re pretty sure Donald Trump Jr. knows what he’s talking about here.


Trump Jr. is ALMOST as good a troll as his dad.


So maybe he should switch those to red?


And of course, the humorless, frothy-mouthed scolds on the Left couldn’t take a joke:

Seriously, these people have lost the ability to laugh.

It must be exhausting being this pissed off 24/7.

If all you’ve got is comparing the Right to Nazis you ain’t got much.

What a maroon.

So mad.

They don’t sound like people who are confident that his map, although a joke, is wrong.



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