Kim Masters seems to think Trump and Fox News are politicizing the COVID health crisis which is hilarious when it’s literally been the Democrats and MSNBC, CNN, and other crap outlets blaming Trump for killing eleventy billion people!

She went so far as to share this story:

And then the two men pulled out their MAGA hats, pounded their chests, and yelled, ‘THIS IS MAGA COUNTRY! WHOOOOOOO DAWGIE!’ while shooting their guns off in the air. Yup. Oh, and she left out the part where a bunch of masked grizzly bears jumped out of the forest and tried to steal her wallet …

No? Sorry, we always thought the bad guy in the story was the ‘masked’ one. Except for the Lone Ranger? Man, this editor has got to cut down on the caffeine.

Two women or a couple wouldn’t have been as scary or as patriarchal and besides if two women mocked her for voting Democrat that would mean the Democrats are in trouble. If two evil white dudes did it that totally fits their silly little Trump supporter stereotype. Did we mention these two guys were waving a confederate flag as well?


She claims Trump has politicized the mask except we’re pretty sure SHE’S the one doing that.

We’re shocked her woke six-year-old daughter wasn’t with her, asking her why Trump wants people to die. She was walking her dog though so maybe the dog telepathically wondered why Trump and his supporters want people to die.

Ok, it’s official, too much caffeine this morning.

That sums it up nicely.



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