This editor really should know better than to ever think someone like Max Boot could sink no lower because they almost always do. Take for example this repugnant, disgusting, shameful, garbage of a piece Max wrote about how ‘good’ we had it under Obama. He seems gleeful that Americans are hurting right now because of Trump.

We’d ask what the f**k is wrong with this guy but we’re pretty sure we don’t really want to know.

From WaPo:

Utterly lacking in empathy, Trump is incapable of rallying a shell-shocked nation. When asked on Friday, “What do you say to Americans who are watching you right now who are scared?,” Trump launched into a tirade against the reporter who asked the question. Like the snake-oil salesman that he is, his version of reassurance is to tout miracle cures that have not been verified by medical science.

I weep in anger and frustration imagining what might have been if Hillary Clinton — a sane, sensible adult — had won. We couldn’t have avoided the coronavirus, but we could have ameliorated its effects. We could be South Korea (102 deaths) rather than Italy (4,825 deaths and counting).

He weeps NOW …


Remember how good we had it under Obama?

Because you know, 12k deaths from the Swine Flu was no reason to panic.

He just sucks.

Another oldie but a goodie.

What’s a word for a schmuck who has zero real principles?

True story.

We’re not sure if Max noticed, but there are thousands of people on his tweet calling him an a*shole.

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