HuffPo wrote an entire piece on how Trump has no one close to him … according to ‘those close to him’.

Anyone else confused AF about this headline?

If no one is close to Trump who did they talk to about no one being close to him? Wha? LOL

From HuffPo:

“Trump has become increasingly isolated.” A series of high-profile betrayals — Michael Cohen flipped! David Pecker flipped! — have all but assured his political demise, and Trump has responded by being late to the Oval Office three days in a row.

Republicans are poised to abandon him. “They’re still not saying it publicly,” said a longtime GOP operative, but they know “it’s not going to end well.” In the bowels of the solitudinal White House residence, Trump “worries about losing support from powerful financial donors and Republican lawmakers.”

So either way, they’re wrong, yes? If someone close to Trump said no one is close to him … well, that’s BS, clearly, because that idiot is close to him. Or if he is indeed lonely, no one could have talked to HuffPo about no one being close to him in the first place.

Dammit, we were promised there would be NO MATH.


Nah, if this was from The Onion it would at least be funny.

Just a tad …


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