Democrats … they do project, don’t they? Before I started writing for Twitchy I sort of knew this was happening, but more on a casual level where I could blast a Lefty troll on Twitter for being a giant hypocrite. And then once I started covering these folks for a living I noticed that almost every thing they accuse the Right of doing, they’ve either done, are currently doing, or plan to do in the future.

The impeachment circus around Ukraine for example has been crystal clear proof; we know the Clinton campaign reached out to Ukraine for dirt on Trump, and now Democrats are accusing Trump of reaching out to Ukraine for dirt on Joe Biden.

Sidenote, WTF is it with our elected officials and Ukraine?

Anyway, all of my rambling has led to this winner of a tweet from George Takei who, like other misguided, frothy-mouthed, and shouty peeps in the Resistance, likes to pretend Trump would somehow refuse to vacate the White House if he lost in 2020.

So ol’ Sulu here wants to know if people will take to the streets if Trump loses and refuses to accept the results of the election in 2020.


Why does this sound so familiar?

Could it be that Democrats have spent the last three years refusing to accept Trump won in 2016 and have done everything in their power to remove him from office?

I would say his tweet is unreal but it’s not … it’s all too typical.

What he said.

If I see one more yahoo claiming Hillary won because of the Popular Vote I’m going to … well, probably do nothing but complain but you get my drift.


Didn’t Sulu claim he’d leave the country if Trump won? Or was that Rosie? Barbra? Robert? Debra? Oh that’s right, they all did, and yet here they still are, complaining daily for the world to see.

Yeah, you dork.

Have they ever really stopped ‘taking to the streets’? They alone have probably kept Hobby Lobby in business with all of the glitter glue and poster board they’ve been purchasing for their protests against whatever the outrage of the day may be for the past three years.

And then the Left will absolutely implode.

All three.

Hey, Takei is an actor … I suppose having a decent imagination is something that would serve him well.