Unless you live under a rock (or are smart enough to avoid politics and social media altogether) then by now you’ve heard about Eric Swalwell tearing a*s during his interview on Hardline last night. Yeah yeah yeah, Hardball claimed it was a coffee cup scooting across the desk but PUH-LEASE.

That was totally a FART.

And a big one.

You can even see Eric sort of pause for a moment and ‘release’ it.

Crazy that in the year 2019 I’m writing about a congressman farting on television but here I am. True story, when I got online last night to write the original story my son asked me what I was doing online so late and when he found out I was getting PAID to write about a guy farting he told me I have the coolest job ever.

He’s right.

He’s also 12.

But hey, if that makes him proud then so be it.

Anyway, Ted Cruz saw the humor in the situation (as most of us did) and shared some more ‘leaked’ footage of Swalwell from the interview.

Ugh, I wish he’d used any other word than ‘leaked’ but the ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’ gif is ACES.

Funny stuff.

But sadly, it never fails. Ted tweets basically anything and Lefty harpies lose their minds … even on a tweet like this.

That they are unable to see the humor of a congressman farting quite loudly during an interview they really and truly are lost.


You know she’s fun at birthday parties.

Look at them.

Whiners, scolds, and nags – OH MY!

They just suck the joy out of everything.


And c’mon, if it was Ted who had farted during an interview on Fox News this same guy lecturing him would be all over the place making fun of the fart heard ’round the world.

Their outrage really and truly is selective.

As always.