In case you were wondering if everything is still stupid yes … YES IT IS.

The dictionary is sexist.

That’s it, we’re done here.

Sweet baby corn.

From ABC News:

A petition that now has nearly 30,000 signatures and counting on was started by a simple online search.

Maria Beatrice Giovanardi, a London-based communications and marketing expert, typed the word “woman” into a search engine earlier this summer while looking up information on women’s earnings.

She said she was bombarded with results for synonymous of woman that included words like bitch, piece, bit, mare, baggage, wench, petticoat, frail and biddy.




And it’s not sexist TO DEFINE THEM.

Not to mention 30k people have signed this stupid petition.

*runs screaming from the room*


Ya’ think?

Redonkulas is putting it nicely.


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