People on the Left and the Right (but mainly the Left) have been losing their ever-loving minds over Dave Chappelle’s latest standup. Apparently, in 2019 there is a list of approved topics and people comedians are allowed to talk about, pick on, or defend and since Dave ignored that list whiners are whining.

Bridget Phetasy wrote a pretty powerful thread telling these scolds to stifle … it’s definitely worth a read:

But they know better and stuff, duh.

Bingo. Hiding from it doesn’t make it go away.

Bridget is one smart cookie.

This. ^


Sometimes Twitter needs a little more serious, the good kind.

There are some seriously strong people on this thread.


Editor’s note: Dave Chappelle’s last name was initially misspelled in the headline and body of this post. We’ve fixed the mistake and apologize for the error.


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