Harvard-bound David Hogg wrote a ‘profound’ tweet about Trump being a fascist, and by profound we mean embarrassingly stupid and sadly all too predictable.

Wow, that’s super original and gosh, Dave, we’ve never heard anyone call the president names before. Forget the irony that if Trump truly were a fascist Davey boy wouldn’t be allowed to tweet such things about the president but we digress.

Adam Baldwin nailed it.

There ya’ go.

But you know, orange man bad and stuff.

You have to wonder if the Left ever tires of being so absolutely wrong about most everything all of the time? Surely someone close to one of them could sit them down and say, ‘Stop it, get some help.’

And that’s another thing.

The Left hates Trump a whole lot (like, a lot) so WHY do they keep trying to give him unlimited power and authority over the people?

Silly Liberals.

Guess not.

Excellent point. If the Right truly was filled with fascists, racists, bigots, and dangerous people, in general, David Hogg and his tolerant crowd would never have the courage to say such things.

You know she’s right, because Harvard.


Probably not.

Puppets and crayons, man.

True story.