Isn’t it absolutely adorable when a Democrat knowingly appropriates a culture so he or she can pander for votes? And by adorable we mean predictable, typical, and totally shameless.

Robert Francis O’Rourke goes by Beto and his reasoning is so obvious it’s painful.

Tim Young shared the ‘history’ behind the nickname perfectly.

Tim could pass for a Jamal, right?



Some people didn’t believe Tim.

Except this story about his childhood friends is about as phony as Robert is.

Tim followed up.

His dad, Pat, called him Beto because he thought it would help his son politically in El Paso.

Huh, again.

Why on Earth would he think that?


We see what they did here.

See? It could totally work.

Just like Beto.

We’re going to start calling Tim, ‘Jamal’. Done deal.


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