Sing along with us … ‘Twitchy in the morning, Twitchy in the evening, Twitchy at suppertime!’

No? Ok, so there’s a reason we’re writers and not singers  BUT HEY, good news Twitchy readers! We’re launching a new and totally rad Twitchy newsletter called, ‘Twitchy AM‘ and ‘Twitchy PM‘ that will (you guessed it) be sent directly to your email twice a day, once at 10 AM and again at 7 PM (eastern).

Just think, that’s twice the Twitchy and half the calories!


Oh wait, that doesn’t really work here but you get the picture.

So what are you waiting for? All you have to do to read twice the news, snark, epic threads, and dunks on Alyssa Milano and Tom Arnold (and others) is use that nifty box right down there, fill in your email address and BOOM, you’ll never miss a thing.

At least not from us. 🙂


PS: Thanks for being Twitchy readers, we’re so grateful for each and every one of you! Well, except for that one guy …