CNN shared their latest poll of the top Democrats for the 2020 presidential election and gosh, it sure looks like a bunch of old, rich, white dudes to this editor. Sure, there are a couple of broads but look at who’s in the top spot.

And look at which name is totally MISSING.

Now, it could be that these are people who have voiced an interest in running and Hillary hasn’t … but yeah, where’s Grammy Clinton? Isn’t it her turn again?

From CNN:

More than a year out from any primaries or caucuses and with most candidates undeclared, there are few meaningful demographic or political differences in the nomination race. One that helped define the 2016 battle for the Democratic nod between Hillary Clinton and Sanders continues on, with Sanders garnering much more support among younger voters (22% among those under age 45) than he gets among the older crowd (7% of those age 45 and up back him).

FYI, this list is way longer and Hillary is nowhere on it.


We didn’t say it.

We thought it though.

And not one Clinton.


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