As Twitchy reported earlier, Joe Biden believes he is the most qualified person in the country to be president.

No, he seriously believes that.

We know, he’s out of his ever-loving mind but c’mon, he’s a Democrat, what do you expect?

Now you’d THINK someone like Ian Millhiser would be supportive of Biden all but admitting he’s running in 2020, but it seems dear Ian was a tad offended (nay, even triggered) by what the former vice president said:

For the record, Ian really needs to remove the stick from his backside, he’d be a far more pleasant and happier person.


Because they desperately want to be led.

We used to make fun of the Left and their ‘King Obama,’ and they’d get all cranky with us and shake their little fingers but seeing Ian’s tweet, we were clearly onto something.

It would take all day.

*kicks rocks*


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