We’re starting to think it’s time for John Harwood to put the Twitter down. Between his gross take on the ‘angry white guy’ arrested on Friday over the mail bombs and now this vile dig at Paul Ryan for calling the Tree of Life shooting anti-Semitic, he’s 0-2.

That or he’s just a miserable human being.

Suppose he could be both.

Racially coded language? Say huh? You know that face you make when you’re watching Jeopardy with your grandpa and he answers every question before you … and he’s WRONG? Yup, just made that face.

Bad human beings.

Say that again, only louder this time, so the jackas*es in the back can hear it.

Clearly, this tweet was racially coded.

John, listen to this person.


Hey, quiet you! We’ll not tolerate common sense when there are so many cheap, political points to score.


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