‘Oh good, Samantha Bee is trying to save democracy with an app,’ said no one … ever.

From Slate:

Upon realizing that a staggering 54 percent of those who watch her show, Full Frontal, aren’t registered to vote, Samantha Bee decided to do something to entice her audience and others to get to the polls. And she did so in “the most 2018 way” possible: with an app. This Is Not a Game is, in fact, a game, consisting of daily political trivia challenges played live, HQ Trivia-style. It turns political awareness into a social activity with a cash prize incentive.

The idea, Bee said on Wednesday night, was born out of frustration with the current political climate and feeling forced to unload her frustration by hurling shoes, office supplies, and even a crossbow at her television. “I’m depressed, I’m out of ideas, and Americans never vote. And frankly they probably won’t unless we pay them,” says Bee. That’s when she had the lightbulb moment to turn midterm elections into a game. “I want to dangle a treat over America and be like, look, you could vote, you might win something.”

So this editor checked out the app and one of the questions was about Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s astrological sign … whoohoo civics! That knowledge will totally save democracy.


Ya’ think?



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