Like far too many people on the Left, CNN’s Oliver Darcy seems to think nothing existed before Donald Trump was elected. There’s no other explanation when you read tweets like this from him:

Does he not remember how the media treated W? And maybe he slept through their obnoxious pandering to Obama during his eight years in office, but while Trump may have dumped gasoline on the ‘we don’t trust the media’ fire, the media started it themselves.

So it’s Trump’s fault and the RW media’s fault that people don’t trust CNN.


Enter Guy Benson with a splendid reality check:

Easier to blame Trump than look at why the country really doesn’t trust them.


And exactly.

Bingo x2.

The media DID create him, they all but elected him. How many hours of free advertising did they give him? Not to mention there are some who believe the media wanted Trump because they thought he was the only one Hillary could beat.

How’d that work out for them?

Oh, yeah, that too. We’re not talking about grammatical errors or using the wrong name or location in an article, we’re talking about a media that is more focused on agenda and narrative than they are reporting the facts.

But go ahead, blame Trump.


It’s ON! Jake Tapper truth-SLAMS folks (even the media!) for praising North Korea to HATE on Trump