For years Conservatives have been claiming that Twitter has a fairly obvious Liberal bias when it comes to content and enforcing their Terms of Service or TOS. And for years Liberals have been accusing Conservatives of wearing tinfoil on their heads for making said claims …

And now we have video from James O’Keefe of Olinda Hassan, Policy Manager for Twitter Trust and Safety explains, admitting they’re doing their best to keep ‘sh*tty people’ from showing up.

Like Mike Cernovich.


Question is, who does Twitter consider to be ‘sh*tty’?

Gonna guess most of them are Conservatives.

Blue checks have special protection, especially if they’re progressive blue checks.

And you know what’s even more disgusting is how Hassan thought it was funny that they were silencing people and that they were doing something good by quieting Conservative voices.


Honestly, the editor of this piece spent over a week last year where her tweets did not show up anywhere but on her main timeline, which is what they are calling ‘shadow banning.’ Does that mean Twitter thinks this editor is a sh*tty person?

Clearly they think Mike Cernovich is, they mention him by name.

Progressives. *shrug*

Says a WHOLE lot doesn’t it?

In fact we’ll be shocked if this story actually shows up on the main Twitter feed, ha!


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