Looking through Brian Stelter’s timeline over the past few days it would appear he’s been less than successful on Twitter.

Poor Brian, seems like one way or another, he finds some way to get absolutely decimated by someone in Conservative circles. At this point, we have to assume he’s either so wrapped up in his own narrative that he can’t figure out what he’s saying is stupid OR he just likes attention, even if it’s not exactly positive.

Take for example this tweet about Trump trying to stop the publication of Wolff’s book:

Huh. Wait, why does this sound familiar?

Or ensured a filmmaker who made a mean movie about him somehow magically got in legal trouble, right?

John Cardillo also took issue with another Stelter tweet:

It’s his tone with @RedSteeze, that somehow Stelter is the keeper of the basics of journalism, that makes this super annoying.

Stelter responded:

FALSE. Check the transcript, waaaaah.

Think Stelter will ever figure out that his own arrogance makes dismantling his tweets that much easier?

He had to know Cardillo was going to absolutely nuke him for that.

Looking through Stelter’s timeline further over the past few days, it’s just not good – like this correction he had to make about the RNC:


Read the transcript?



And he wonders why we make fun of him.


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