It’s always interesting to watch Democrats slink back to their old ways when they attack minority Republicans like Senator Tim Scott. And by interesting we mean horrible, pathetic and deplorable.

As we saw yesterday when the blue-check scumbag Andy Ostroy attacked Senator Scott with racial slurs and hate and only sorta apologized when people called him out for it.

So the responses on this tweet are sadly not surprising.

If Democrats had passed this bill, the Left would be praising Scott for his efforts in giving back to Americans. But since he has the wrong letter by his name, they attack him endlessly, showing us their true colors once again.


Super classy.

We especially like the peace sign in her handle. *eye roll*

We hope so, all the work he’s put into the bill that will boost our economy, make us more competitive globally and put more money in the pockets of Americans had to be exhausting.


Giving people more of their own money is betraying them.


Nobody ever accused Democrats of being overly bright.

His base keeping more of their money will suffer?

We’re starting to seriously doubt any of these geniuses have even read the bill.

They should gloat! This tax plan, while not perfect, is a great first step in … wait for it … making America great again.

Yeah, that drives them crazy.


FAIL: Blue check writer spins deleted racist insult of Tim Scott (NOBODY’S buying it)