Full disclosure, this editor would prefer it if Donald Trump would tweet a little bit LESS or a bit MORE smartly … however, this tweet about the fake news over the last week is absolutely spot on. The media can’t get out of its own way in its efforts to find some way to impeach Trump because they don’t like him.

That’s the reality of journalism in 2017.

Trump is right.

Media was shaky at best under W., but under Obama, it just got completely out of hand and became nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Democrats. Not to mention their egos blew completely OUT of proportion … like John Harwood.

Seems John took offense to Trump’s tweet about fake news, and ended up making an ass of himself in the process.

Huh? If the truth means EVERYTHING then why do they constantly report ‘fake news’? And PLEASE with this ‘we do it for the little people,’ crap. How absolutely insulting to Americans everywhere to assume we need the media to help us understand the truth.

Sit down, John.

The elites don’t like being called out.

This did not go so well for John.

But the little people NEED him and others in the media to help us understand the truth because we’re too stupid and stuff.

‘Nuff said.


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