As Twitchy readers know, adult film star August Ames took her life apparently after being bullied on social media for speaking out against performing with men who had taken part in gay porn because of health concerns. Many in her own industry attacked her, calling her a homophobe and literally telling her to kill herself.

Which she sadly did.

People in social media were INFURIATED over this news, but none quite so much as Jenna Jameson, who took her own past industry to the shed over the young actresses’ suicide and the lackluster reaction to it in that community.

People are horrible.

This is an unfortunate reality of social media because horrible people can hide behind fake names and pictures and say terrible things to others with no consequences. Except the people attacking August were using their stage names because they were in her own industry.

Like this jackass.

So it’s her own fault that these people tormented her perhaps to the point of taking her own life.



You’ll notice a lot of tweets Jenna is responding to are missing because these toughies who went after August deleted the evidence. Screenshots are forever though …

Classy, right?

The community that supposedly only wants to be accepted is awfully unaccepting and nasty when they don’t get their way, eh?

Another one missing.


And yes, that’s exactly what that person was doing.

Her own industry went after her. Yes.

Dude. Really?

Such a sympathetic lot.

Many of the people who attacked her locked their accounts, deleted tweets, and a handful doubled down on the attacks saying that it was her own fault for being mean to gay men. Can’t even make this awful crap up.

Oh look, another missing tweet.

She was literally advocating for her own safety.

Seems that way.

Sigh, another missing tweet.

Wait, consequences? Get outta here.

These people.


LOL – another missing tweet.

Account deleted.


The mob mentality of SJW Twitter.

RIP August.


TRAGIC: Porn actress August Ames may have killed herself after being bullied online