You know that old saying about how people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones?


Hrm. Wasn’t David Corn himself accused of sexual misconduct? Oh.

From Politico (you know, in case David FORGOT):

Mother Jones magazine’s editor and chief executive acknowledged on Thursday that they investigated Washington bureau chief David Corn for inappropriate workplace behavior three years ago, warning him about touching female staffers and insensitive descriptions of sexual violence, and would now probe the allegations further in light of two emails written by former staffers in 2014 and 2015 and obtained by POLITICO.

One of the emails, written in 2015 by a former staffer outlining concerns she had heard from other women in the Washington office, said Corn, now 58, made “rape jokes,” “regularly gave [several women] unwelcome shoulder rubs and engaged in uninvited touching of their legs, arms, backs, and waists,” and “made inappropriate comments about women’s sexuality and anatomy.” The other email, from 2014, was by a former female staffer who claimed that Corn “came up behind me and put his hands and arms around my body in a way that felt sexual and domineering.”

Hey, plenty of people on the Right are pissed about the RNC supporting Moore, but for Corn to get snarky about it when he has allegations of his own to worry about? Tacky.



What he said.

Seems not much.

Interesting that.

Now we know she’s trying to slam Moore and Trump, but it also sorta ties in with Corn so we included it.

See what we did there?

ANOTHER one that could be a reflection of Corn.

Like we said, he should probably have sat this one out.


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