Yesterday, Twitchy made fun of this yahoo for virtue-signaling harder than even Alyssa Milano by claiming he would only retweet women, today. As was to be expected, people just absolutely roasted this dude.

Check out the ‘ratio’ on his tweet.

Yeah, that went well.

Pro-life warrior and all-around rock star, Obianuju Ekeocha, perhaps tweeted it best:

Like most progressives, it’s clear Ryan doesn’t really understand women or how to actually treat them with respect. Babysitting them on Twitter by ONLY RETWEETING WOMEN is treating them as a special and separate class.

Which is like the opposite of equality.

But nice try.

EL OH EL. Perhaps Conservative women should tweet all day and tag Ryan in their tweets so he can be sure to retweet them too.

‘Tis the season for pajama boy.

We do too.


Are we doing this ‘only women tweet tomorrow’ thing again? TIME editor thinks so