What do you call it when YouTube censors a Conservative/Libertarian group interviewing a Conservative about free speech? Besides bullsh*t, we call it IRONIC … it’s like rain on your wedding day, ya’ know? A free ride, when you’ve already paid.

Check it out:

Now why on Earth would YouTube feel compelled to restrict an interview of Guy Benson, who is truly one of the most eloquent people on the Right, with Michael Loftus talking about freedom of speech of all things?

We have a pretty good idea …

And of course, the only way to get that restriction lifted is to watch the interview. Which you should watch anyway because Guy Benson and The Loftus Party kick ass but knowing you’re sticking it to the man makes it even better.

PS: They can’t even appeal the restriction without 1000 views on the video … you know what to do, freedom of speech warriors.


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