Poor Alec Baldwin.

He seems upset that all of these allegations coming to light about Hollywood sexually assaulting houseplants will make them all paranoid, causing all sorts of supervision of meetings and casting sessions …

We’re pretty sure he’s upset about the wrong thing here.


Seems Joan and other outspoken feminists weren’t overly pleased with Alec’s ranting about how things will have to change in Hollywood; he doesn’t seem concerned with the behavior so much as he is upset that they will all need to be supervised now.

Poor perverts in Hollywood, they will have to behave themselves – THE HORROR.

Not a good look, Alec.

Uh-oh, Alec, you’re losing the pink hat vagina brigade.

We didn’t say it.

Perhaps it’s time we expected the predators to change and not the victims?

Rarely do we agree with Joan Walsh, but she is spot on here. Would someone please check to see if Hell froze over? Thanks!


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