When will our ‘friends’ on the Left figure out that no matter how many biased TOS violations Twitter uses against Conservatives, we will ALWAYS beat them in hashtag games?


Take for example this latest ploy of offering support to Democrat Rep. Frederica Wilson who has been openly exploiting a dead soldier and his family to be a self-proclaimed ‘rock star,’ #IBelieveFrederica.


It’s the hats.

Well duh, she’s a Democrat.

It’s what they do.

We. Couldn’t. Help. Ourselves.

Yeah, will be over here in the corner.

She certainly is sparkly.

Sad Joy, not for the reasons you think.

See what we mean?


Here’s Rep. Frederica Wilson ‘yesterday & today’ (cue eye rolls!)

ENOUGH ALREADY! Dem Rep. Wilson claims Kelly’s ’empty barrel’ comment was RACIST (video)

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