In case you missed it, Hillary Clinton managed to fall down the stairs during her London book tour yesterday and broke her toe.

Hillary has fallen, and she can’t get elected.

OK SO WE’RE CHILDISH, the joke had to be made.

Anyway, like other media outlets, Fox News reported on Hillary’s tumble:

They also reported on people’s concerns regarding Hillary’s health, which have been a topic of discussion since even before the election.

From Fox News:

Merrill did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment on the incident or on Clinton’s condition.

Clinton’s health was a topic of conversation throughout the 2016 presidential election, after having public coughing spells and stumbling during the Sept. 11 memorial service in New York City last year.

Last September, the Clinton campaign released a “comprehensive update” on the Democratic nominee’s medical condition and information, describing her illness as a mild and non-contagious pneumonia.

Chelsea Clinton seems a bit sensitive about the media reporting on her mother’s health:

This tweet reads like, ‘Look SQUIRREL!’

And wait, she doesn’t care about her mom’s toe?


But the tweet was too good not to share … eh. Nobody’s perfect.

That wedding wasn’t going to pay for itself.

But Truuuuuuuump.

Nice try, Chelsea.


‘London Hillary falling down’: Hillary Clinton falls, breaks toe on stairs during London book tour

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