Oh boy.

Yesterday, in a disagreement over immigration with Tomi Lahren, Matthew Dowd claimed more Americans were killed in Las Vegas last Monday than the total number killed by ‘radical Islam’ in the last 10 years.

Don’cha love how they always leave out 9/11?

Even then, Dowd was still wrong.

Clearly Dowd’s tweet was IMPRESSIVELY wrong. Perhaps he missed Orlando, Boston and San Bernardino?

It was so wrong in fact that he later tried to fix the tweet …

Still wrong.

This tweet went over like a ton of bricks, way to go, Matthew.

Super duper wrong.

In fact, Dowd was so wrong he went full-circle to being right and then blasted over to being wrong again.

It’s worth a Google.

It certainly would have simplified it.



Matthew Dowd gets into fight with Tomi Lahren and loses, gets fact checked on Americans killed by Islamic terrorists