We knew when the Trump administration rolled back Obama’s BS birth control overreach that Lauren Duca would lose her marbles; feminists really are predictable. And ya’ know, she worked so hard to shock us with this ‘WOKE’ tweet about abortion and guns … but instead we just rolled our eyes, pointed and laughed at her.


Lauren really should smile more.

On that note, this response from pro-life warrior, Obianuju Ekeocha, made us smile for real:


Pretty sure Lauren didn’t mean to admit the unborn are actually babies because once Obianuju pointed this out …

We so love this because Lauren is every caricature ever created about what millennials think a strong woman looks like, and Obianuju just showed everyone otherwise.

Especially not feminists.

Exactly. Obianuju and any woman who doesn’t support her ridiculous narrative must be ignored, which makes us love her and these two tweets even more!

Wear it with pride.


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