Hillary Clinton hung out on Jimmy Fallon’s show last night so a bunch of women could read sappy and silly ‘thank you’ notes to her, including Miley Cyrus. Women. *eye roll*

As if we needed another reason not to watch Jimmy Fallon.

And of course, in the grand tradition of Conservative Twitter, Conservatives created their own thank you notes for Hillary on #HillaryThankYouNotes; here are some of the best (and worst, ha!):

Good times.

Hillary keeps it REAL.


Only possible for a Democrat, but fair.

He definitely gives us plenty of good content.

Gosh Hillary, thanks!



It really is gross ain’t it?

Careful, they’ll accuse you of threatening her or something.

Can’t go much lower than Hillary Clinton, the 2016 election proved it.



Late-nite MOURNING: Miley Cyrus, Fallon writers’ ‘thank you’ notes to Hillary are CRINGEWORTHY

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