For having been a lawyer, Attorney General and now a senator, Kamala Harris sure seems dense when it comes to understanding what is and is not a right. Since she couldn’t convince people that health care is a traditional right, she moved on to civil rights:

Being crushed with astronomical amounts of debt and forcing other to labor are hardly ‘civil rights’.

Pull your head outta yer arse, Kamala.

And nope, it’s not.

Hey! Twitter resembles that remark.

Of course she preys on the uninformed, she’s a Democrat. That’s what they do. And then when Republicans explain how things REALLY work they get called racists, sexists, homophobes and Nazis.

If you think about it, Democrats got a pretty sweet deal.


Oh, and she shared this as a supporting argument …

Umm … if people don’t have money they probably already qualify for government programs?

Those evil rich people will pay for it, duh.

It won’t. And Kamala knows it.

But damn, it’s a good talking point, right?


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