Poor media.

They work and they slave, and what thanks do they get?

Ok, so is what Trump said untrue? No. The Coast Guard is trained to go into situations like that, that’s their job. Maybe if the media stopped setting themselves up with commentary about how they’re as brave as firefighters running into burning buildings?

Just a thought.

Awwww, these guys seem upset.

And they say Trump has a YUGE ego problem?

You were LITERALLY on the helicopter?! Not LITERALLY on the helicopter. Literally?! Get outta here! That clearly makes you as brave as the National Guard actually rescuing people.

Look, we appreciate they were on the ground and many of them did a ton of work, but put the egos away folks. If you were out there helping to get ‘credit’ you did it for the wrong reasons.

Oh, and the responses babying these poor journos for not getting the respect they supposedly deserve are hilarious:

Wonder if she saw the video of the woman in Houston telling the CNN reporter to get the mic out of her face? So brave.

Because taking pictures and video is as brave as actually rescuing people.


So why are they letting this get to them?

Oh that’s right, because their egos are super delicate. Our bad.

The media has created a love-hate relationship with the president, what did they expect him to do? Pat them on the heads and ignore the crap being reported about Melania’s shoes, his hat, his son’s t-shirt?

They built this.