L’Oreal fired its first transgender model, Monroe Bergdof, after she made pretty nasty comments in a Facebook rant about all white people being racist. She has since walked some of her comments back, claiming she meant systemic racism; either way, the aftermath of the comments has been explosive on both sides.

For example, this tweet from actress Kelechi Okafor:

Or you’re a white person who’s exhausted of being accused of something and someone you’re not?

Just spitballin’.

There would be protests, jobs lost and buildings burned down if someone said that.

Making sweeping generalizations about people based on their skin color is indeed racist.

We think?

It’s hard to keep this all straight these days.

Means you’re still remotely sane.

Only a racist would disagree, duh.

Umm …

Painful, ain’t it?

You won’t like her answer.

But only if you’re white. Right? No? Oh never mind.

Never fear, Twitter’s here!


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