As Chris Christie and other progressives (sorry, Christie has shown his true colors) pile on Ted Cruz and accuse him of voting against Sandy relief funding to play politics, seems Mark Ruffalo has a new target:

Except that’s not what happened … at all.

Their big ‘gotcha’ from the story?

Pence: “Let’s figure out how we’re gonna pay for it. Congress must ensure that a catastrophe of this nature, does not become a catastrophe of debt for our children & grandchildren.”

Umm … he’s right.

And Daily Kos knows it. But that won’t stop them from pushing a BS headline they know their readers will spread without reading the actual story, like Ruffalo did.

You’d think Ruffalo would know better than to trust the Daily Kos.

Wait, he’s Ruffalo … never mind.

Most readers we know boycott them in general for being a blatant propaganda rag, but we’d be lying if we said watching Bernie supporters bust on them didn’t make us laugh.

A lot.

Nope. Anything to push the climate change faith and pretend Republicans are rich, selfish HATERS.

It’s all they know.