Unity is clearly Kryptonite for the Women’s March.

We’ve watched Texans of all colors, sexes, creeds and abilities help, support and even rescue one another for the past several days, none of them concerned about the difference they may see in one another. So why in the Hell would Women’s March think this is in anyway appropriate?

Gotta keep that hateful narrative going, don’t you Women’s March.

Otherwise everyone would figure out their whole schtick is pointless.

Nope. Well the Women’s March did but not sane, rational, everyday Americans.

The X provides both sexes of the race, so basically they broke down the Latino population by sex.

Because that’s what they do, they divide.

They can’t have that! Groups like the Women’s March NEED people to hate one another, to be scared of one another and to feel victimized by society so they can swoop in and save them.

It’s really gross.

Which terrifies these broads.

And they know it.


Evil white man!

That may actually be their new tagline.


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