Earlier today, Twitchy reported on a Houston woman who went OFF on a CNN reporter live … suffice to say, none of us felt all that sorry for the reporter.

Except maybe Neal Boortz?

Time to put the Twitter down, man.

Why is he personally attacking a woman for being exhausted and angry at a reporter for trying to interview her as she and her child were looking to take shelter?

Apparently losing everything in a flood isn’t good enough for Neal though …



That’s our reaction as well.

Guess so.

Yes. Really.


In a world of vile this certainly stands out.

Uncaring assumption is putting it nicely.

We’re hoping this was an intern and not Neal … yikes.

Yeah, that’s what we saw as well.

We’re pretty sure he couldn’t have made his tweet more offensive if he tried.

Oh yeah, and he sort of apologized.

Stay classy.


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