You know when one of these stories starts out with a tweet from Geraldo Rivera, it ain’t gonna get any better …

Oh goodie, he thinks we should destroy more of our history because that’s the way you deal with things that you wish hadn’t happened.

We thought these folks were vapid under Obama, yikes.

And speaking of vapid:

First they come for the monuments, then they come for the holidays … then they come for the books and the people.

Umm … it’s already the law your employer has to let you take time off to go vote.

Yes, she’s probably too dumb to know this, EL OH EL.

Working people. She’s adorbs.

Like most of the Hollywood elite, Sarah believes she needs to look out for the little people because they’re too dumb to know what’s best for them.

Anything that we think was mean or hateful or bothered us should be BANNED AND ERASED, that’s how progressives deal with everything. God forbid they take a moment to learn from such things.

Expecting them to learn would be oppressive and would probably get us banned. *eye roll*


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