It pains this editor to write this because Jon Lovitz is a comedic genius with decades of making us all laugh. Sadly though, he is a tad confused about what freedom of speech really means, as evident in this tweet:

Well, for starters we’re not Germany.

That and in America we have freedom of speech and freedom of ideas, even if said speech and ideas are backwards and horrible, like Nazism.

Crime is illegal in general, Jon. Hence the word crime.

Hate crimes and speech are not the same thing.

To his credit, he did also voice concern about AntiFa:

Honestly we think Jon meant well … but it just didn’t go well.

Yes. Fascists make ideas, speech and certain types of people illegal.


He doesn’t get it – people weren’t defending Nazis, they were defending free speech, even for abhorrent and awful jackasses. Because this is America and believe it or not, we still have the right to be jackasses.

Jon didn’t even realize by calling for a group of people to be illegal he was as bad as the group of people he wanted to make illegal.

And a comedian should know that.


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