Interesting, isn’t it, how the Left is angrier at Trump for his harsh (but absolutely fair) words about North Korea threatening this country with a nuclear weapon than they are AT North Korea for threatening us. And by interesting we mean REALLY pathetic and sorta stupid.

Kim Jong-un is dangerous and insane, and the last thing America needs is some apologetic president pretending it’s our fault that North Korea wants to nuke us.

Katie Pavlich nailed it:

We love how she called him ‘little Kim Jong’.

Yup. They’d find a way to blame Trump (or even W.) if North Korea fired on us. In their bizarre minds, Americans are always the bad guys.


Madonna literally called to blow up the White House, Johnny Depp made ‘jokes’ about assassinating the president … but the Left is angry at Trump for telling North Korea we won’t take their crap.

Bingo. Trump could cure cancer and the Left would be angry because Oncologists would be out of work.

Almost. They’ve had months and months to whine about Russia, give them time.


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