Yeah, Jill’s whole schtick is saying stupid things for attention, but this was REALLY stupid. She seems to think the worst thing about being at a Kenyan airport is seeing ‘pink-faced American missionaries’ there to help Kenyans.

Leave it to an ‘angry about anything and everything’ feminist to bitch about people doing good for others in need around the world.

Those monsters.

So gross. The nerve of those ‘pink-faced’ barbarians.

Can’t EVEN!

Rotten little BRATS!

Say it ain’t so?! CLEAN DRINKING WATER!

Dude. Peon cooties are the WORST. Don’t joke about such things.

Of course Jill was prepared for people to be angry at her tweet because she’s really just a high-level troll who tweets things to get a reaction:

Jeebus woman. *smh*

Right? How dare they help people!

What, and not complain about and judge people? She’d have nothing else left to do.

And curtain.


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