Alyssa Milano’s new thing is to pretend she suddenly cares about country over party … of course she wasn’t saying this when a Democrat was in office but hey, what do we know.

She even went so far as to say we need more Republican women in Congress, after Republican women refused to repeal Obamacare. When she tweeted this, several people on the Left said ‘NO NO NO’, and Alyssa seemed shocked at the response she received.

Maybe it’s time she came out of her progressive bubble?

Truth. Bomb.

Double truth. Bomb.


Alyssa needed look no further than her own thread to see how awful Republican women are treated. Case in point:

Seriously with this? Republican women value liberty, life and freedom – if that makes us anti-woman then so be it.

Women on the Right were more than happy to share their experiences with Alyssa:

Don’t forget Leftist females …

AKA they dogpile Conservative women, yes.

And gays.

Sounds a lot like party before country, eh Alyssa?

What Alyssa doesn’t seem to understand is that the Left thinks they OWN these groups of people, and when a woman, minority or gay breaks from the herd they’re a traitor and should be destroyed.



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