Because colleges and universities DO have a negative impact and they are ruining the country.

Another day, another Vox tweet to mock.

They act like this is big news … where the heck have then been?

That’s called reality. Maybe Vox missed it, but there are colleges building literal safe spaces for students so they don’t have to hear any mean opinions they disagree with.

It ain’t rocket science.

Adults. Yes.

Hey, we know this chick … and she’s right! Note, we typically do not include our own tweets but this one helped drive the thread.

When students contact MSNBC because a professor asked them to read something from a Conservative? Remember that?!


Wait, you mean there’s not a bunch of jobs out there for people who major in underwater basket-weaving?!

Who knew?

No wonder Adam Carolla (yup, the guy from The Man Show) and Dennis Prager are raising money to make a movie called, ‘No Safe Spaces,’ about the progressive dumps universities have become, with little to no room for any non-progressive ideas.

Hollywood of course has no interest in making this movie (SHOCKER) so Carolla and Prager are looking to crazy right-wingers and libertarians (you know, people who think for themselves) to help them raise the money to get it made.

Find out more about the project and how you can help.


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