For being a self-declared ‘life lover’, Sister Helen Prejean seems very confused about the Senate’s version of the AHCA:

So let us get this straight. The Senate is proposing a bill that by her reasoning puts people to death … are we reading this correctly?


What’s most confusing to us is that she’s a nun, a Sister, so why wouldn’t she support the AHCA that will actually defund Planned Parenthood? By calling for this bill to be stopped she’s funneling millions to abortionists.

Honestly this makes zero sense.

Apparently that commandment only applies when she wants it to?

We just keep going back to the fact that she’s a NUN.

Perhaps she didn’t read the bill and is just playing off of the heartstrings of the Left?


We got nothin’.

If she doesn’t want the AHCA to pass she clearly is ok with millions of dollars going to abortion … which is incredibly sad.

That’s worth at LEAST a few ‘Our Fathers’.