Grover Norquist shared an interesting real-life example of why people become Republicans …

And he’s right. Many people fall for the Democrats BS about life being unfair and that someone else should pay for your needs, until they start paying taxes and become the one paying for said needs.

As you can imagine, the Left lost their damn minds over this tweet from shaming Norquist for not buying his daughter a guitar outright to screeching about … the roads.



Dude is laying it on THICK.

Eric Garland totally freaked out:

Several claiming Norquist couldn’t buy a guitar for $35.

Umm …

So. Evil.

Oh never mind then, right?

Someone should’a had a V8.

Oh look, they’re attacking him as a father now.


Good GRAVY these people are ridiculous – they spent HOURS attacking Norquist over a tweet about his daughter, a guitar and the reality of paying taxes.

Oh and one more thing,  notice all of these people have blue checks.

We see you, Twitter.