Well this is disconcerting:

Makes ya’ wonder if Debra Messing has been paying any attention to the Left at all.

From Chicago.GoPride.com:

“Anti-semitism is everywhere. I’m not surprised at all,” LGBT historian Sukie de la Croix commented. “Nobody is more intolerant of differing opinions than the gay community.”

Organziers of the March have not issued a formal statement.

Gosh, wonder why they haven’t released a statement yet.

Nah, the only part of the Left she pays attention to is the one that makes her feel like she’s doing something positive so she can pat herself on the back.

Irony here.

Identity politics remove the individual … they get lost.

Nope, it’s about who can play the biggest victim.

Welcome to the realty of the Democratic Party, Debra.


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