Good gravy, the Left has NO sense of humor.


As Twitchy readers know, Bannon gave an explanation as to why briefings are being held off-camera, (that Spicer was getting fatter) but he wasn’t being serious. He was making a JOKE, but of course the humorless and cranky media missed the punchline:

Clutch those pearls tighter, Brian.

Even Hillary’s daughter seemed a bit ‘triggered’ over Spicer being fat shamed …


Chelsea, it was just a joke.

Not enough managing in the world to help with this level of humor-impairment.

Lighten up.

The editor of this piece is a chick and found the joke funny.

Just two rules in life, folks:

  1. Keep your sense of humor
  2. Stay outta jail.

Oh, and speaking of fat shaming, was Chelsea upset with this?


Gonna guess no.


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