Remember last year when Mattel released a new line of Barbies to show diversity? One of them was even chubby?

Well, Mattel clearly didn’t want to be ‘sexist’ in their diversity (plus they won some award for being the most diverse or something) so they came out with a new line of Ken dolls …

Three different body types, seven different skin tones, and nine different hairstyles.

15 total dolls are coming out, 10 released today.

Is the one Ken wearing heart sunglasses?

We honestly can’t tell if people are clapping because they think a Ken doll with a man bun is a good idea or if this is laugh-clapping?

Think this Ken Doll smells like patchouli and lectures people about GMOs?

Of course Twitter had a blast with the new Ken dolls, especially man bun Ken.



Ok, this editor MUST get a man bun Ken – we’ll keep you posted.